Noah Schultz

Noah Schultz is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Noah Schultz Company. As Chairman and CEO, Mr. Schultz is responsible for stewarding every facet of the agency and provides visionary leadership across all integrated service offerings. With direct management responsibilities for the global operations of the company, Mr. Schultz’s focus on providing innovative, industry-leading brand experiences for each account in the companies portfolio has shaped the agency’s reputation as an architect of the brands of tomorrow.

His strategic vision for the company focuses on three central pillars: ensuring the agency can meet the multifaceted needs of clients through an integrated offering, fostering innovation through the utilization of technology, and creating strategic, relevant, and purposeful content and experiences to captivate consumer audiences.

In his capacity, Mr. Schultz is responsible for stewarding the strategy of the agency’s principal accounts and oversees the agencies team and creative partners across all client services, including strategy, design, technology, communications, advertising, editorial, and production. He provides management and strategic oversight for the technical planning, execution, and delivery of large-scale development initiatives across The Noah Schultz Company’s client base and manages and directs the companies independant business ventures.

Mr. Schultz’s ambitious growth objectives has led the company to reach over a million dollars in digital transactions and over $150,000 in digital advertising spend in fiscal year 2019. Based at the companies Fifth Avenue headquarters in New York City, Mr. Schultz looks forward to the agencies continuous expansion in multinational markets both domestically and internationally.

As part of his commitment to corporate philanthropy, Mr. Schultz has made it a priority to provide the agencies resources to further the mission of non-profits. Under his leadership, the company has donated over $250,000 of in-kind advertising services to a variety of international charities. Since the inception of the corporate giving program, the agency has allocated consulting, creative, technology and communications resources to steward its non-profit partners’ brands, generating millions in donation revenues.